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The Woodlands Repiping

If you’re experiencing low water pressure, it may be necessary to have our The Woodlands repiping professionals replace at least part of the piping in your home. Whether your current piping is copper or galvanized steel, you may want to contact repipe specialists in The Woodlands to evaluate your situation. To learn more about our repiping services, click HERE, call us at (832) 481-4054 or (713) 936-2562 or visit us at 2455 FM 2920 Suite A, Spring, TX 77388 today.

For fast, reliable and professional The Woodlands repiping service, just pick up the phone and give our expert plumbers a call.

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Copper is one of the most sought after and desired of piping materials. It lasts nearly forever, is corrosion resistant and is great for any plumbing system.

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PEX repiping is the second most common type of modern plumbing material. These pipes are made of cross-linked polyethylene plastic, are very affordable and quick to install.

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Trenchless repiping options allow you to replace your water and/or sewer lines without the need to dig up the yard. This is also one of the fastest ways to replace main water and sewer lines.

Why Choose Clean Team Plumbing?

Experienced Plumbers

Our team of plumbing professionals has been helping home and business owners in the area with their repiping needs for years, and we always come highly recommended. Each of our repipe plumbers has the training, experience and ability to handle any and all of your repiping needs.


We understand that repiping is not often in your budget, and that’s why our pricing is highly competitive and are services are always fast and reliable. Give us a call to schedule a whole-house repiping estimate today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work, which is why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our professional repiping plumbers are some of the most experienced and reliable in the industry. From inspection up until the job is done, our plumbers are thorough in their work, and are respectful and professional.

Repipe Specialists In The Woodlands

We’re repipe specialists in The Woodlands who can install new pipes for hot and cold water and your heating system. This may mean installing new piping while letting the old piping remain in place. Whatever the situation, we have the skilled plumbers to do the job right. We know that we may have to work around existing appliances and fixtures too. Also, piping that’s outlived its usefulness can damage appliances and fixtures. Our plumbers are innovative, and they’re trained to accurately assess your situation.

Galvanized Pipe Replacement In The Woodlands

Galvanized pipe was widely used until the 1950s and 1960s, when copper piping began replacing it. Over time, galvanized pipe clogs with rust, and this causes low water pressure. We have choices for galvanized pipe replacement in The Woodlands. We can do copper repiping in The Woodlands or we can do PEX Repiping.

PEX Repiping

For The Woodlands repiping, we use PEX, which is also called cross-linked polyethylene piping. A real advantage of this piping is that using it can drastically cut the need to tear out large sections of walls and floors. It can often be snaked through sold materials. This isn’t an option with copper and galvanized pipe. Resistant to chlorine, PEX pipes won’t corrode. They won’t burst when the water in them freezes. Installing them doesn’t require soldering or the use of a torch during installation. This piping requires fewer fittings than other types of pipes. It’s not damaged by high heat.

Copper Repiping In The Woodlands

Copper pipes have a proven record of reliability and durability. They’re not damaged by heat nor are they susceptible to leaks. Their fittings are tight. Junkyards readily accept them for recycling. We’re The Woodlands copper repiping plumbers ready to serve your needs. Our plumbers are the repipe specialists in The Woodlands. If you choose us, you’ll be getting licensed, professionals who’re The Woodlands copper repiping plumbers who do high-quality work. Our galvanized pipe replacement in The Woodlands will also leave you satisfied.

The Woodlands repiping is an investment in your property that will stave off problems like leaky pipes in the future.