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Houston Garbage Disposal Repair

Solving Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Garbage disposals make it easier for us to dispose of food waste and keep our home or commercial kitchens sanitary. However, due to constant use, garbage disposals may get worn down easily, especially without proper maintenance. If you are currently facing an issue with your garbage disposal, get in touch with Clean Team Plumbing. Our expert plumbers in Houston are experienced and trained to handle any disposal problems, no matter how big or small. We provide cleaner, faster, and better results every time.

Dial (832) 662-6177 or submit an online contact form to schedule an appointment for garbage disposal repair in Houston!

Signs You May Need Garbage Disposal Repair

There are several signs that point to you needing garbage disposal repair or garbage disposal replacement.

These signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Doesn’t turn on – If you try to turn on your garbage disposal and nothing happens, then it is time to call Clean Team Plumbing for professional repairs.
  • Garbage disposal resets – You can solve many problems by performing a garbage disposal reset. If you do not know how to do this, our professional plumbers will be more than happy to assist you.
  • Jammed disposal – You should also check to see if your garbage disposal is jammed. A jammed disposal won’t work at all.
  • Foul odor – Your garbage disposal has a problem if it has a foul odor coming from it. Citrus fruits and warm water can remove most odors. However, if you are not able to remove the odors, then it is time to call a professional.
  • Dull blades – Garbage disposals are designed to break down food within a few seconds. If it takes too long to break down the food, then it likely needs to be repaired. The blades have likely dulled.
  • Leaks – It is time to call a professional if the garbage disposal is leaking. In many cases, a plumber can fix leaks by sealing them. However, new garbage disposal installation may be necessary if the leak is severe.

When to Consider a Replacement

If the garbage disposal reset does not work, then you may have to get a new one. You may be wondering how much you will have to pay for the new garbage disposal. You will be happy to know that we can perform garbage disposal installation in Houston at an affordable price.

Reasons to Contact Clean Team Plumbing

There are many reasons you should call us if you need garbage disposal repair. We are known for offering top-quality plumbing service and for our tidy work. You can also depend on us to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When it comes to reliable and affordable garbage disposal repair in Houston, you can’t go wrong when hiring our team of experts. Call us at (832) 662-6177 today!

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