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Leak Detection In Spring, TX

A leak underneath the concrete slab of a home can lead to serious structural damage that is expensive and time-consuming to fix. At Clean Team Plumbing, we offer Spring leak detection for local homeowners. Our thorough plumbers are able to find even the smallest leak under the largest concrete slab. We have the experience, tools, and knowledge to identify the cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs before any more damage can occur.

Reliable and affordable Spring leak detection services are always just as quick phone call to (832) 813-8035 away.

Spring leak detection

Our Spring Slab Leak Detection Services

If a home or property owner has noticed signs such as wet or muddy ground, unusual settling or sinking of the concrete, bowing or leaning walls, cracks or an increase in mold growth, it is important to arrange for our Spring slab leak detection services. Our plumbers at Clean Team Plumbing will come out and perform a prompt slab and foundation inspection. Our leak detection in Spring includes checking everything from the connection to the municipal water supply to the condition of the slab and other plumbing connections, including the main sewer drains. If necessary, we can do a video inspection to show the property or homeowner exactly what is going on with the slab and what repairs need to be made.

The Importance Of Slab Leak Detection In Spring

An undetected leak underneath a concrete slab could cause a major structural problem. The slab could crack all the way through, causing the structure to fail. Rebuilding the slab is a labor-intensive process and could require the homeowner to vacate the premises while the repairs are made. Any moisture that makes its way up through the porous concrete could cause mold to grow on organic materials such as the wood framing, sub-flooring, drywall, and carpets. Our slab leak detection in Spring aims to prevent these problems.

What We Can Do About A Concrete Slab Leak In Spring

When we have identified a concrete slab leak in Spring, we first correct the plumbing problem to stop the leak. Our plumbers at Clean Team Plumbing can replace cracked or burst pipes, tighten connections or reline pipes that are not performing up to standard. Our professional services for leak detection in Spring also include setting up Houston leak prevention systems such as automatic shutoff valves that can prevent a recurrence of the slab leak. We also install pumps to remove water collecting under slabs.

For fast, reliable and affordable Spring leak detection and repair services, we’re the company to contact.

Offering Jetter Drain Technology

Offering Jetter Drain Technology

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