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Repiping In Clear Lake, TX

If you’re tired of old or leaky pipes in your home or business than our Clear Lake repiping service is right for you. Our plumbers here at Clean Team Plumbing are experts at galvanized pipe replacement in Clear Lake. When you schedule with us, you can be sure that the job will get done right the first time by a professional. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (832) 813-8035 or visit us at 10690 Shadow Wood Ste 128 Houston, TX 77043 and one of our Clear Lake specialists will be happy to assist you! Whether you need Copper, Galvanized, or PEX repiping, one of our repipe specialists in Clear Lake can help.

Signs That You Need To Call Our Clear Lake Repiping Experts

Rust Colored Water

Rust-Colored Water – if the water coming from any of your taps is a dingy brownish-red color, then your pipes are most likely rusting. Rust spreads and can corrode even the thickest of steel pipes. If rusty pipes aren’t fixed then it can cause health issues if consumed and can stain sinks, countertops and fixtures. If left untreated for long enough the pipes can rust all the way through causing leaks and floods. Call us immediately if you have rusty water coming from any of your faucets, taps or spigots.

Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure – low water pressure is often a sign of a leak, clog or worse (think burst pipes and flooding in some unknown area of your property). A significant drop in overall water pressure can become a serious problem and if you are having problems with low water pressure in your home or business you should contact one of our repiping specialists in Clear Lake immediately.

Shower Goes Cold

Water Goes Cold – if your shower goes cold every time someone in your home or business turns on a faucet or flushes the toilet our Clear Lake repiping services can help. One of our repiping specialists can examine the problem and determine your best option so you can enjoy uninterupted hot showers again. When one of our plumbers arrives at your home, just let them know that you are having issues with your water temperature and they’ll resolve the situation.

Leak or Flood

Leaks And Floods – if you find leaks or floods anywhere on your property you should call a professional plumber immediately. If leaks are left unattended they can lead to even more expensive repairs in the future. The cost of our Clear Lake repiping services are very affordable when compared with the potential cost of severe water damage to your home or business. Clean Team Plumbing is here to protect your home.

The Clear Lake Repiping Services We Offer

PEX piping

PEX stands for Cross-linked Polyethylene, which is a type of strong and flexible plastic. PEX plumbing systems are quick to install, resist scale build-up, are easy to repair and are highly affordable. This type of piping material will last for decades and is always a smart option for the budget-conscious consumer.

Copper Repiping

Copper pipes are just what they sound like: pipes made from copper. Copper pipes are often the preferred piping material because they last forever, they are resistant to corrosion and they increase the value of any property. Yet, they do take longer to install (they require soldering and they are rigid) and they are more expensive than PEX.

Galvanized piping

Galvanized piping is made of steel. The galvanization is there to help prevent rust, but it is only a matter of time before they fail. Galvanized pipes rust from the inside out which means that it can be hard to tell if they are failing by looking at them from the outside. One of our Clear Lake Repiping specialists can examine your pipes for you though and determine if they need to be replaced. If you need galvanized pipe replacement in Clear Lake, then it’s time to call Clean Team Plumbing for quality repiping work.

The Benefits of PEX Repiping in Clear Lake

PEX repiping is a great option for the budget conscious consumer in Clear Lake. PEX piping is less expensive than copper which has made it a very popular repiping material. PEX pipes are pliable and flexible which means that PEX piping doesn’t require any elbow fittings to be installed. This also means that one of our Clear Lake repiping specialists can install it faster than other piping materials which get the job done faster. PEX piping is also much quieter than copper or galvanized pipes and can cut down on a lot of the clanking noises that traditional pipes make.

We Provide Galvanized Pipe Replacement in Clear Lake

Does your home or business have old, outdated and dangerous galvanized steel or iron plumbing pipes? If so, then it is time to get in touch with our team of Clear Lake galvanized pipe replacement professionals right away. Galvanized steel plumbing is no longer considered a safe and effective piping material for water consumption purposes. The sooner you contact our galvanized pipe replacement experts, the better.

Why Decide on a Copper Repiping in Clear Lake?

Copper repiping is more expensive, but it also comes with a host of benefits that PEX or galvanized steel plumbing systems do not have. Some of the benefits of a copper repipe in Clear Lake are:

  • Copper repiping can add value to your home or business
  • Copper plumbing lasts longer than any other plumbing material
  • Since copper pipes do not corrode, they are safer than galvanized steel plumbing

To schedule a copper repiping in Clear Lake, get in touch with us today. Our team of Clear Lake copper repiping plumbers is always standing by to help.

How Much Does A Whole-House Repipe Cost In Clear Lake?

We understand that our customers are concerned about cost when it comes to large jobs like a whole-house repiping job. We at Clean Team Plumbing do our best to keep our prices as reasonable as possible and we will always do our best to work within your budget. If you have questions about a whole-house repipe cost in Clear Lake don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our repiping specialists can answer all of your questions.

Call Clean Team Plumbing Now to Make an Appointment

If you want assistance from repipe specialists in Clear Lake who are proficient, polite and accommodating, then Clean Team Plumbing can tend to you. Our galvanized pipe replacement in Clear Lake epitomizes five-star quality. Call us at (832) 813-8035 to schedule an appointment today!

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