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Repiping In Atascocita

People who live in the same home for a long time will likely need an Atascocita repiping at some point. If your pipies are more than 25 years old, a copper or PEX repiping in your Atascocita home is a smart move. Call us here at Clean Team Plumbing at (832) 813-8035 to schedule a repiping estimate today! You can also visit our Atascocita repiping specialists at 10690 Shadow Wood Ste 128 Houston, TX 77043.

Repipie Specialists in Atascocita

There are several problems that our team of Atascocita repiping professionals can help with include:

Rust Colored Water

Rust-Colored Water – if the water coming from any of your taps is a dingy brownish-red color, then there is most likely rust somewhere down the line. Rust spreads and can corrode even the thickest steel pipes. If rust isn’t taken care of by a professional your pipes will eventually rust through completely causing leaks or floods. Rust can also cause health issues if consumed. Call us immediately if you have rusty water coming from any of your faucets, taps or spigots.

Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure – low water pressure is often a sign of a leak, clog or worse (think burst pipes and flooding in some unknown area of your property). If you are noticing a significant drop in the overall water pressure in your home or business, then that is a problem and you need to contact one of our plumbing professionals right away.

Shower Goes Cold

Water Goes Cold – if your shower goes cold every time someone in your home or business turns on a faucet or flushes the toilet we can help. Our re-piping services can remedy this situation and you can get back to enjoying uninterrupted hot showers again. When one of our plumbers arrives at your home let them know that you are having problems with your water temperature and they can solve the problem.

Leak or Flood

Leaks And Floods – leaks or floods on your property can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you suspect that you have leaks or flooding anywhere on your property you should call us immediately. We can help fix your leaky pipes before they cause costly damage to your home. If leaks are not handled by a professional, you will likely need further repairs later that can quickly become very expensive. Let our Atascocita repiping specialists here at Clean Team Plumbing help protect your home.

Our Atascocita Repiping Services

PEX piping

PEX stands for Cross-linked Polyethylene, which is a type of strong and flexible plastic. PEX plumbing systems are popular because they are easy to repair and install, resist scale build-up, and you don’t have to worry about rust down the line. PEX is a budget friendly Atascocita repiping material that is a great galvanized pipe replacement material as well.

Copper Repiping

Copper pipes are just what they sound like: pipes made from copper. Copper pipes are often the preferred piping material because they last a very long time, they are resistant to corrosion and they increase the value of any property. They aren’t perfect though as they do take longer to install and cost more than alternative materials like PEX. Even though the installation may be more dificult, when one of our repiping specialists in Atascocita repipies your home you can be sure the job will be done right.

Galvanized piping

Galvanized piping is made of steel. The galvanization helps prevent rust, but it is only a matter of time before they start to rust and fail. Galvanized pipes rust from the inside out which makes it hard to tell if there is a problem from looking at them from the outside. As galvanized pipes continue to rust they can leak or cause flooding in your home. One of our repiping specialists in Atascocita can help determine if your galvanized pipes are rusting and need to be replaced. If you need galvanized pipe replacement in Atascocita, then it’s time to call Clean Team Plumbing for quality repiping work.

How Much Does an Atascocita Whole House Repipe Cost?

The cost of a whole house repipe in Atascocita varies on a few different factors. Those factors include:

  • Size of your house
  • Number of plumbing fixtures in your home (faucets, toilets, sinks, etc.)
  • The number of bathrooms in the home
  • The distance your home is from the main water line

Often, an Atascocita whole house repipe costs around $15k. This is just the average, and your home could cost significantly less or more depending on the variables listed above. Don’t let cost be a barrier if repiping is something your house desperately needs though. Repiping in Atascocita is often a great investment to avoid future repairs to your home from old, leaking pipes. If you would like to learn more about the cost of a whole house repipe in Atascocita, please do not hesitate to give us here at Clean Team Plumbing a call.

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We at Clean Team Plumbing, pride ourselves on being your go-to team of Atascocita repiping specialists. We have years of experience and we always come highly recommended by our extremely satisfied customers. No matter what your repiping needs, we have you covered! So, what are you waiting for? Give us and our team of Atascocita repiping specialists a call for reliable 24 hour service today!

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