Katy AC Compressor Repair

AC Compressor Repair With the kind of heat this part of Texas experiences in summer, air conditioning is essential to a healthy home environment. Essential to every air conditioner unit is the compressor. This component is responsible for doing the mechanical work that makes the cold air possible. Now is a good time to have the Katy home AC compressor inspected. Our professionals at Clean Team Plumbing can provide a thorough examination with a call to (832) 481-4054 or (713) 936-2562. We can get it back to top condition or swap it with a superior Katy AC compressor replacement if necessary.

Our team of Katy AC compressor repair experts is always standing by to help you with your compressor problems. Give us a call or fill out the form on this page to schedule a service call today!

The Work of a Katy Home AC Compressor

To get an idea of the stresses and strains that can lead to AC compressor replacement in Katy, here’s a simple description of how the system works. Things start with the compressor placing the refrigerant in the system under high pressure to raise its temperature above exterior levels. When the pressurized refrigerant is sent outside to the condenser, heat flows from it to the surrounding air. Afterward, the pressure of the refrigerant is reduced to drop its temperature. This allows it to absorb indoor heat as it passes through the evaporator. Obviously, Katy AC compressor repair is in order when the constant action of the pistons takes its toll.

Reasons for AC Compressor Repair in Katy

As an electro-mechanical device, the compressor can experience problems as different as leaking gaskets or shorted fuses that lend themselves to Katy AC compressor repair. Leaks in coolant lines that let refrigerant escape also allow humid air into the system. Occasionally, this moisture can collect into ice deposits, and the pieces of ice can ding gaskets or valves. Our technicians can determine if these problems can be resolved through AC compressor repair in Katy.

When It’s Time for AC Compressor Replacement in Katy

Sometimes, malfunctions with the compressor can only be resolved by Katy AC compressor replacement. AC compressor installation in Katy without additional updates makes the most sense if the unit is still under warranty. Otherwise, a 15-year-old system should probably be completely replaced to avoid a mismatch between an AC compressor installation in Katy that’s more powerful and efficient than its predecessor and aging refrigerant lines and other components often designed for operating at lower pressure.

When it comes to fast, reliable and affordable Katy AC compressor repair, replacement and installation, you can always rely on our team of air conditioning experts!