Houston Water Filtration Systems

The water filtration system specialists here at Clean Team Plumbing are guaranteed to have the training, experience, and knowledge required to make sure you have the best quality drinking water possible in your home or business. From the initial water quality test to a water softener installation, our team of water quality experts have you covered! We’re always available at (832) 813-8035, so call us to schedule an appointment today! Or, if you prefer, you can always visit our team of reliable and affordable water filtration system experts at 2455 FM 2920 Suite A, Spring, TX 77388!

Houston Water Testing for Drinking Water

Before you have one of our water treatment systems installed, it is a good idea to get your water tested. With water testing from us here at Clean Team Plumbing, we can more accurately diagnose your current water quality needs and recommend the most effective and efficient water filtration system for your home or business. Before you have us install any kind of system, give us a call to schedule a water quality test today!

Houston Water Treatment Systems from Enviro Water Products

Are you looking for reliable water treatment systems? You’ve come to the right place! With many our many years of filtration experience comes a wealth of knowledge concerning water softener installation and various types of water filtration systems. We recommend a range of water treatment systems (which include reverse osmosis water treatment system installations) from Enviro Water Products for the highest quality water filter options:

Carbon Series
The Carbon Series water filtration systems from Enviro Water Products are some of the best water filtration systems money can buy. They’re efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

NaturSoft Series
Looking for a safe, effective, and natural approach to water filtration and softening for your home or business? Well, then the Enviro Water Products NaturSoft Series of water softeners are the products for you!

Pro Combo Series
For the discerning consumer, we also offer installation and maintenance services for the Pro Combo Series of water filtration systems from Enviro Water Products. These offer the best of both water softener and reverse osmosis worlds!

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System Installation

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems provide the cleanest drinking water and are usually the best long-term decision for clean water. After having water softener installation done, many consumers feel better about their family’s drinking water. The installation of a reverse osmosis water filtration system can also reduce the buildup of soap scum on dishes and glasses. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a water quality test and ask us about reverse osmosis water treatment systems today!

Houston Water Softener – Under Sink Water Softeners

When the mineral count in drinking water is too high, an under-sink water softener is usually the best fit for your home. Excessive chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and many types of harmful bacteria are regularly removed when our water treatment systems are installed and utilized.

Contact Us Today for More Houston Water Treatment System Information

Having one of our water filtration systems installed is an easy process, performed by skilled professionals, and takes very little time. The cost of our Houston water treatment system installation is also very reasonable, and we provide no cost information right over the phone. So, don’t hesitate! Contact our Houston water treatment system experts today!

Are You Drinking Chlorine?
Are you drinking chlorine? If after a water quality test, you find that there is an unacceptable level of chlorine in your drinking water, then an Enviro Water Products water filtration system is the solution!

An Array of Enviro Water Products
From water softeners to reverse osmosis water filtration systems, Enviro Water Products make highly affordable and reliable water filtration solutions. When it comes to clean drinking water, look to Enviro Water Products and Clean Team Plumbing!

EnviroSoft by Enviro Water Products
There is only one solution to your water quality problems: EnviroSoft by Enviro Water Products. Contact us to learn all about how Enviro Water Products water filtration systems can change your water for the better!