Benefits of Copper Repiping

We have been working in this industry for a long time, and we can say without a doubt that copper is one of the absolute best plumbing materials man has ever used. There are several benefits to using copper pipes, including:

Rust Proof

Seeing as copper has no iron in it, it is immune to rusting entirely. This eliminates the chances of having rust-colored water coming out of your faucets and being able to blame it on your pipes.

Heat Resistant

Copper is a great thermal insulator. It helps keep hot water hot, and cold water cold. Wave goodbye to the days where you could never get the water temperature just right with your old pipes, thanks to copper repiping.


Since copper is a very soft and malleable metal, it resists expansion damage from freezing and can take a small hit without tearing.


Copper plumbing is very resistant to corrosion, meaning you will be able to enjoy your new pipes with minimal maintenance for years to come.

Increased Property Value

Unlike homes or buildings with old, outdated pipes, your home will instantly have its value increased by having new copper pipes installed. Having new copper pipes in your home is a great investment that you will see return on if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Interested in having new copper pipes installed in your home or commercial building? We will come to your location and provide you with a free estimate. From there, we will go over different options available to you and determine a plan that works with your timeline and budget. Reach out today to get started!

Repiping Services You Can Depend On

At Clean Team Plumbing, we provide ongoing and extensive training for all of our staff. Customer service is our top priority, so you can have peace of mind knowing when you hire us for your repiping project, you will have a professional and respectful team at your location. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are known as the trusted repiping company in the area due to our dedicated and honest work we provide to our customers. When it comes to reliable repiping services, you can’t go wrong by hiring Clean Team Plumbing for the job. Call us today to get started!