Cypress PEX Repiping

Cypress PEX Repiping Reliable Cypress PEX repiping services are always just a phone call away. Many people are daunted at the idea of having to replace the old leaky galvanized pipes in their home. If the only solution to low water pressure was to rip out the old iron pipe and screw together a new plumbing system made out of the same material, there would indeed by cause for worry.

Flexible PEX Tube

Fortunately, there is a modern alternative that is not just low cost but much easier to install as well. Flexible PEX tube is the solution for anyone looking to stop suffering from low water pressure. When it comes to revamping water systems, our Cypress PEX repiping company offers the benefits of a quick, easy installation that will last for decades. That is the sort of wise investment that homeowners need to consider when the time comes to replace their old, unsatisfactory water supply systems.

PEX Repiping In Cypress

PEX is a durable and flexible plastic tube that does not require expensive and time-consuming threading of sections together, as is the case with leaky galvanized pipes. This greatly reduces the time that a plumbing crew needs to be on the jobsite and saves a lot of labor costs. PEX also doesn’t require the open flame of a soldering torch to bond parts together, as is the case with copper pipe replacement. There is no danger of starting a fire inside the walls of the house with PEX repiping in Cypress homes.

PEX Pipe Replacement

Another advantage of modernizing a home with PEX pipe replacement is that the strange metallic taste to the water will become a thing of the past. There will be no more discolorations in the laundry from mineral deposits that build up inside iron pipe over time. There will be nothing but clean, pure water coming out of the tap. The slow accumulation of minerals and rust from inside iron pipes often causes water heaters to fail earlier than would otherwise be normal. PEX is also quieter than many of the old metal water pipes that have been known to bang and clang when you turn the faucet on. Installing new flexible PEX tube will wipe out these annoyances. In short, PEX is not just a replacement for old pipes but a considerable improvement over them. So don’t hesitate. Contact our team of Cypress PEX repiping professionals today.