In August, Texas was hit with a natural disaster leaving tens of thousands of local residences without electricity, food, water or a place to call home. Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas leaving behind more than 40 inches of rain across more all of Texas; resulting in flooding hundreds of thousands of homes, displacing more than 30,000 people, prompting more than 17,000 rescues and causing an estimated $70 billion with of total damages. As a local Texas company, we at Clean Team Plumbing we make it our responsibility for helping our community and any surrounding areas in need! This is why we have our professional dry wall team and 24/7 emergency plumber team is standing by to help all draining and plumbing needs, and remove all wet drywall caused by flooding. Plus we are waiving all material costs for tankless water heaters and tank style water heaters. We have all been affected by this tragedy and we are here to do our part to get our community back to normal. But, we need your help!


Donate Money, Not Goods

Most charities prefer monetary donations. Cash donations allow more flexibility to fill unique needs for various communities and cause less of a strain on the foundation, enabling them to help more.


Ways to Donate

You can donate using your mobile phone, just text HARVEY to 90999 to give a $10 donation to Red Cross, or you can visit the or call 1-800-RED-CROSS. You can also donate to the All Hands Volunteers who will be working on damaged homes and removing debris. If you would like to support by donating goods a local relief charity The Texas Diaper Bank in San Antonio is asking for diapers and wipes, which can be dropped off in person or mailed to 5415 Bandera Road, Suite 504, San Antonio, Tex., 78238. Before you give it is important to know where your donations are going! make sure you know where your aid is going. The Center for International Disaster Information recommends checking with a charity monitoring organizations like Charity Navigator, or the Better Business Bureau before donating.


Helping Our Best friends

Countless animals have lost their homes in the storm, as many have been forced to abandon their pets or been torn apart due to evacuation. Antonio Humane Society(SAHS) continues to shelter and assist pets displaced and at risk due to the destructive weather. SAHS has been supplying help and supplies to shelters all across Texas. What you can do to help: As a no-kill shelters, space is always limited and The Human Society needs your help to free up more space by fostering a pet in need! To donate to the Humane Society visit. DONATE TODAY.