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When Buying a Fixer-Upper, Don’t Forget the Plumbing

You fell in love with a fixer-upper home and took the plunge. Now it’s time to polish this diamond in the rough–but before you start putting in new floors and applying fresh coats of paint, make sure you assess your fixer-upper’s plumbing needs before anything else!Are Your Home’s Pipes in Good Condition?To prevent water damage… Read more »

5 Signs That Your Home Needs Repiping (Infographic)

There’s more than one way to tell if your home’s plumbing pipes are need of a partial or full replacement, and the clues aren’t always as obvious as visible rust or corrosion. Here are five key indicators that your home is probably in need or repiping.

4 Reasons to Repipe Before Your Pipes Actually Break

Unless there’s an obvious problem, like burst pipes and flooding water, most homeowners aren’t in much of a hurry to repipe their homes. In fact, many homeowners would rather put off repiping for as long as possible, until something major goes wrong. What they don’t realize is that putting off a full-home repiping or partial… Read more »

Spring Plumbing Hints & Tips

The springtime could be a beautiful time of the year for rebirth and regrowth in nature. The birds begin to chirp happily as they bathe out in the last few puddles of winter rain. This peaceful time of the year could feel us rejuvenated as life begins to come back out after the winter and… Read more »

Energy Savings

Energy savings is a topic that is at the forefront of many of our customers minds. With the increased environmental awareness of the current generation and the current state of the natural environment, concerns regarding energy efficient and Energy Star qualified HVAC equipment are on the rise. Luckily, our company prides itself in offering some… Read more »