If Your Dishwasher Won’t Drain, It’s Probably Because Of These 5 Causes!

Feb 28, 20230 Views

Nobody likes a dishwasher full of dirty water and leftover food. Imagine your dishes soaking in yesterday’s casserole, the grease swimming over to your mugs and glasses, sticking to the rim. Not only is that disgusting, but it’s also highly unsanitary. But what exactly are you supposed to do in a situation like that? Why […]

Change Plumbing Fixtures to Improve Energy Efficiency

Oct 22, 20220 Views

Conserving hot water is a great way to bring your utility bills down. Wasteful fixtures use more hot water, which means that your water heater has to work harder to keep up with our help. You can cut down on your hot water usage and save money on your energy costs.

How Much Does Repiping Cost?

Sep 20, 20220 Views

If you want to repipe your home or business, you know it will cost you. The only real question to consider is, “How much?”. Replacing a few critical pipe sections may only run you hundreds of dollars, but unsurprisingly, a whole repipe can cost you a lot more.

When Buying a Fixer-Upper, Don’t Forget the Plumbing

Aug 22, 20220 Views

You fell in love with a fixer-upper home and took the plunge. Now it’s time to polish this diamond in the rough–but before you start putting in new floors and applying fresh coats of paint, make sure you assess your fixer-upper’s plumbing needs before anything else!

Is It Time For A Repipe?

Aug 2, 20220 Views

How do you know when it is time to repipe your home? Let Clean Team Plumbing help you recognize the signs. Little is more mysterious when it comes to home ownership than a home’s plumbing. Even the most competent homeowners have trouble with plumbing because it is often too difficult to locate and inspect.

Piping Materials: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Aug 2, 20220 Views

Do you know what type of plumbing pipes your home has? If you own an older home, it may have more than one kind inside its walls. While some piping materials are known to stand the test of time, others can lead to leaks, water pressure, and water quality if not replaced.

DIY Plumbing | Water Heater Energy Efficiency

Jul 25, 20220 Views

The U.S. Department of Energy states that water heating accounts for around 16% of total annual energy expenditures. That is a large amount of energy spent on a single home appliance. So finding ways to reduce energy costs with your water heater could be very helpful. Fortunately, our team of specialists here at Clean Team Plumbing knows what it takes to save money.

Energy Savings

Jul 11, 20220 Views

Energy savings is a topic that is at the forefront of many of our customers’ minds. With the increased environmental awareness of the current generation and the current state of the natural environment, concerns regarding energy-efficient and Energy Star-qualified HVAC equipment are rising.

4 Reasons to Repipe Before Your Pipes Actually Break

Jun 27, 20220 Views

Unless there’s an obvious problem, like burst pipes and flooding water, most homeowners aren’t in much of a hurry to repipe their homes. Many homeowners would instead put off repiping for as long as possible until something significant goes wrong.