Houston Tankless Water Heaters

Houston Tankless Water Heaters
An instant hot water heater can be powered by electricity, propane or gas. It is an excellent choice for any family due to its ability to provide an unlimited amount of hot water. For this reason, tankless water heaters in Houston are quite common.

Why Get a Tankless Water Heater in Houston?

1. Federal Rebates Are Available for Houston Tankless Water Heaters

The federal government wants to help install tankless water heaters in Houston by offering rebates to people who choose them. It is estimated that a Houston tankless water heater installation can earn up to $300 in tax incentives. When you combine that with the fact that a tankless heater can save a homeowner up to 20 percent on energy bills, you’re looking at enough extra money at the end of the year to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

2. An Instant Hot Water Heater in Houston Will Never Run Cold

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced a roommate or family member hogging all of the hot water and leaving you with a lukewarm shower in the morning. This annoying scenario can be avoided completely with a tankless water heater.

3. Houston Tankless Water Heaters Take Up Less Space

Save Space with a New Houston Tankless Water Heater

You don’t need an entire area of your home set aside for your water heater if you choose to go tankless. Instant water heaters can be installed on walls to save room and create a more streamlined appearance. It is also possible to install smaller units closer to where the water will be needed, such as beneath the bathroom cabinets.

4. On Demand Water Heaters Last Longer

Have your Houston Tankless Hot Water Heater Last Longer!

It is estimated that a tankless heater can last up to 10 years longer than a normal water heater. This will save you time and money when it comes to the hassle of future repairs.

5. Tankless Water Heaters are Good for the Earth

If you’re interested in running a green home, you will be happy to know that choosing an on demand water heater is great for the environment. The most obvious way that going tankless will cut your carbon footprint is by reducing the amount of electricity you use, but there are other benefits too. Tankless water heaters are built with less parts than tank heaters, meaning that they require less electricity to produce, and because they last so long, they reduce the demand for metal mining and other carbon-heavy processes. Lastly, since these heaters have no tank, there is no chance of flooding, dripping or otherwise wasting water.

Are you now convinced that Houston tankless water heater installation is right for you and your family? If so, call us today. Our representatives will help get you started on the process of choosing and installing the right water heater for you.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater

Why go Tankless?

  • Energy Efficient
  • Endless Hot Water
  • Longevity
  • Less Space
  • Cleaner, Fresher Water


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