Houston Tankless Water Heaters

Clean Team Plumbing Water Heater Special Houston tankless water heaters are the most efficient way to supply a home or business with hot, running water. Heating is used for many different reasons. Using heating for warmer water is a common practice. If you need help with the installation, repair or replacement of Sugarland and/or Houston tankless water heaters, then you’ve come to the right place.

On Demand Water Heaters

Because the water passes through a heat exchanger when something requiring water, such as a faucet or washer, is turned on, there is no need for a large tank. The Houston and Houston tankless water heater installation requires a much smaller space for the much smaller unit required for the heat exchanger and piping that brings in cold water and sends out heated water. These units don’t need a large closet or a basement corner. They can be put under the sink, depending upon the size needed for your household.
Rust Colored Water Rust-Colored Water – if the water coming from your water heater is dingy brownish-red color, then there is most likely rust in the tank. Rust spreads and can corrode even the thickest steel tanks. It can cause health issues if consumed and can stain sinks, countertops and fixtures. It can also cause leaks and floods if left untreated. Call us immediately if you have rusty water coming from water heater.
Low Water Pressure Low Water Pressure – low water pressure is often a sign of a leak, clog or worse (think burst water heater tanks and flooding in your water heater closet). If you are noticing a significant drop in the overall water pressure in the water from your water heater, then that is a problem and you need to contact one of our plumbing professionals right away.
Shower Goes Cold Water Goes Cold – is the water from your water heater seeming to never get as hot as it used to? If so, then you’re in luck; our water heater professionals can remedy this situation. When one of our plumbers arrives at your home, just reiterate that you are having this issue and we’ll resolve the situation.
Leak or Flood Leaks And Floods – if you find leaks or floods, then call our water heater professionals. If your water heater is causing these kinds of issues, then it is most definitely time to have it fully repaired or replaced. If not handled properly, a leak can damage your home or turn into a flood quickly – Clean Team Plumbing is here to protect your home.

The Difference Between Tankless Water Heaters In Houston And Traditional Ones

This traditional water heating unit holds gallons and gallons of heated water, ready for use. However, the traditional tank water heater takes up considerable space and is wasteful of energy, since the water is constantly kept hot. Even worse, when the traditional water heater springs a leak, floors, baseboards and carpet are all flooded, causing costly damage. Even worse, burns can result should someone, such as a young child, be in the way of the leaking hot water.

Contact Us For Service Regarding You Houston Tankless Water Heaters

Initial cost of the instant hot water heater does run more than for the traditional unit. However, operating costs for the tankless heater run considerably less. We at Spring and Houston offer the on demand water heater that is environmentally friendly and a positive long-term investment.