Houston Re-Piping

Repiping The Houston re-piping professionals that work for us are guaranteed to have the training and experience required to handle all of your repiping needs. There are a number of reasons for redoing your home’s plumbing lines. Leaks may not demand a total repiping operation, but this becomes an important consideration if they’re combined with an aging system. Inferior pipe materials are another good motive for installing new conduits. When it comes to experienced and reliable repipe specialists in Houston and Cypress, we’re the ones to call.

Houston Repiping Replaces Unreliable Lines

Even old copper lines can become vulnerable to ruptures as time goes by. This is particularly true if time’s combined with water containing minerals that act as abrasives. Our Katy and Houston repiping experts can check to determine if this risk is present. Another predictor of possible failure is the type of material the current lines are made from. While flexible plastic piping seems like a good alternative for plumbing pipes, the early choice was polybutylene tubing. This material has a poor track record. It’s believed that it reacts to chlorine in drinking water by swelling and cracking. Another prime candidate for our Houston repiping professionals are galvanized lines. The zinc coating on these pipes quickly wears away, and this leaves the steel tubing exposed to rust. At best, it’s only 50 years before galvanized pipe replacement in Houston is unavoidable in your home.

Copper Repiping In Houston

For any of these scenarios, copper repiping in Houston and/or Spring serves as a time-tested solution. Under ideal circumstances, they’ll last over a century. Because of this characteristic, regardless of local water conditions, manufacturers guarantee copper lines for much longer than PEX pipes. This factor helps offset the much higher initial cost of copper, but recent declines in the price of copper make copper repiping in Houston more attractive for polybutylene and galvanized pipe replacement in Houston. An additional plus Houston copper repiping plumbers appreciate is copper’s resistance to fire.

PEX Repiping

A popular, low-cost approach repipe specialists in Houston recommend is PEX repiping. We enjoy PEX for Houston repipe work because its flexibility make it easy and inexpensive to insert in existing water line pathways. When the low cost of PEX lines themselves are added to this equation, affordable Houston repipe work results. Although the climate around here isn’t especially cold, our Sugarland and Houston copper repiping plumbers will admit that PEX repiping also has a lower chance of rupturing due to freezing.

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